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API - Fetch all DITA Map dependencies | AEM Community Blog Seeding




API - Fetch all DITA Map dependencies by Techrevel Blog - Aanchal Sikka


Sharing a code snippet that would help you retrieve all dependencies of a DITAMAP. This includes:
1. DITA Map itself
2. Associated Topics
3. Assets used in Topics like Images
In particular, following is the snippet fetching all dependencies

List mapDependents = MapUtilities.getAllDependencies(ditamapNode);

mapDependents.forEach(associatedAsset -> {
//associatedAsset is object representing DITA-Map/Topics/Images
Sharing a Servlet that retrieves all dependencies and returns info in json format.

package com.techrevel.dam.core.servlets;

import java.io.IOException;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;

import javax.jcr.Node;
import javax.jcr.RepositoryException;
import javax.jcr.Session;
import javax.servlet.Servlet;

import org.apache.sling.api.SlingHttpServletRequest;
import org.apache.sling.api.SlingHttpServletResponse;
import org.apache.sling.api.resource.Resource;
import org.apache.sling.api.resource.ResourceResolver;
import org.apache.sling.api.resource.ValueMap;
import org.apache.sling.api.servlets.HttpConstants;
import org.apache.sling.api.servlets.SlingAllMethodsServlet;
import org.osgi.framework.Constants;
import org.osgi.service.component.annotations.Component;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;

import com.adobe.fmdita.api.maps.MapUtilities;
import com.day.cq.dam.api.DamConstants;
import com.google.gson.Gson;

@Component(service = Servlet.class, immediate = true, property = {
Constants.SERVICE_DESCRIPTION + "=Fetch all the referenced assets for a map",
"sling.servlet.methods=" + HttpConstants.METHOD_GET, "sling.servlet.paths=/bin/techrevel/fetchreferencedassets" })
public class FetchReferencedAssetsForMap2 extends SlingAllMethodsServlet {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

/** Default LOG. */
private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(FetchReferencedAssetsForMap2.class);
private static final String REQUEST_PARAM_PATH = "path";

protected void doGet(SlingHttpServletRequest request, SlingHttpServletResponse response) {

String requestedPath = request.getParameter(REQUEST_PARAM_PATH);
ResourceResolver resolver = request.getResourceResolver();

try {

Map<String, Object> resultMap = new HashMap<>();
Gson gson = new Gson();

Session session = resolver.adaptTo(Session.class);
Node ditamapNode = session.getNode(requestedPath);

List mapDependents = MapUtilities.getAllDependencies(ditamapNode);
List listOfDitaObject = new ArrayList<>();

mapDependents.forEach(associatedAsset -> {
listOfDitaObject.add(getAssetObject(resolver, associatedAsset));
resultMap.put("assets", listOfDitaObject);
String jsonFromMap = gson.toJson(resultMap);


} catch (IOException | RepositoryException e) {
LOG.error("Exception while fetching dependencies of DITA Map {} : {}", requestedPath, e);
} catch (Exception e) {
LOG.error("Exception while fetching dependencies of DITA Map {} : {}", requestedPath, e);

private AssetObject getAssetObject(ResourceResolver resolver, Node associatedAsset) {
AssetObject ditaObject = new AssetObject();
try {
Resource assetMetadataResource = resolver
.getResource(associatedAsset.getPath() + "/jcr:content/metadata");
if (null != assetMetadataResource) {
ValueMap valueMap = assetMetadataResource.getValueMap();

String title = valueMap.get(DamConstants.DC_TITLE, String.class);
if (title != null) {
} else {
// Fallback to filename if title is not set. Can happen with images…

} catch (RepositoryException e) {
LOG.error("Repository Exception while fetching asset details : {}", e.getMessage());
} catch (Exception e) {
LOG.error("Exception while fetching asset details : {}", e.getMessage());

return ditaObject;

class AssetObject {

String title;
String name;
String docState;
String path;
String checkedOutBy;

public String getCheckedOutBy() {
return checkedOutBy;
public void setCheckedOutBy(String checkedOutBy) {
this.checkedOutBy = checkedOutBy;
public String getTitle() {
return title;
public void setTitle(String title) {
this.title = title;
public String getName() {
return name;
public void setName(String name) {
this.name = name;
public String getDocState() {
return docState;
public void setDocState(String docState) {
this.docState = docState;
public String getPath() {
return path;
public void setPath(String path) {
this.path = path;

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API - Fetch all DITA Map dependencies


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