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Apache Sling Sitemap for AEM 6.5.11 and AEMaaCs | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Apache Sling Sitemap for AEM 6.5.11 and AEMaaCs by Nikhil Kumar


In this article let’s look into the new feature which is Apache Sling Sitemap Generation as part Service Pack 11 for AEM 6.5.
As nowadays Adobe is more recommending on using OOTB features available in AEM. So we will look into the new feature that came for AEM 6.5 in service pack 11 which is Apache Sling Sitemap Generator. Earlier we used to use ACS Commons Sitemap Generator which is now deprecated. This comes along with the AEMaaCs SDK whereas we need to install the SP11 for 6.5 to make use of this Generator.

We can use Apache Sling Sitemap Generator by two ways:

On Demand : Sitemap is regenerated every time a request for sitemao us made. Good for small sites. And it is handy to test the sitemap generator as you don’t have to wait for any scheduled job.
Sitemap Scheduler : Sitemap is generated on the defined frequency in background process and cached and access when required. It is useful and cost effective for Big sites.

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Apache Sling Sitemap for AEM 6.5.11 and AEMaaCs


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Kautuk Sahni
8 Replies


Level 2

we deploy similar to cloud sdk, and the sitemap schedule is scheduled at 2am when that time occur the sitemap wasnt updated, not sure what else is missing? the cloud instance server time is UTC, so it could be that, but at UTC 2am still no changes.


Level 5

when option "add language alternate" is enabled, the sitemap is breaking and we dont get XML response.

I think same happens with public wknd site as well -- https://wknd.site/us/en.sitemap.xml this does not seem to give a XML response, its just listing of all pages but not an xml and without language alternates.



Level 2

Hi We are using AEM cloud in our project but i am unable to see Apache sling sitemap in system/console/configMgr. Any idea why it is not showing as it is mentioned by default sitemap is available for AEM cloud.


Level 2

Hi @arunpatidar  In my local I am using this AEM cloud version "Adobe Experience Manager 2021.5.5368.20210529T101701Z-210527" In my configMgr I am unable to find apache sling sitemap. kindly find the screen shot below.




Community Advisor

I think you need to update to latest AEM SDK, the one you are using is very old from 2021


Arun Patidar