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An error occurs when reverting the version of an asset.


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 I would like to share this because an error occured in the OOTB.


OSGI settings."Day CQ WCM Version Manager" .

Enable Purging:true

Max Number Versions:3



  1. Upload Assets and edit three times.
  2. Then three versions will be created.
  3. However,an occured error when reverting assets to the oldest version.

I suspect that the cause of this is the ver creation process.

  • Create ver when editing assets.
  • The operation to restore an asset is to create new version and then restore the asset from the previous version.
  • However, due to OSGI settings, the fourth version disappears, so there is nothing to restore and an error occurs.


I have the oldest version, but I can't get it back.
Shouldn't this be fixed?


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@岩男卓55895320 : Have you tried to increase Max Number Versions to a higher value and seen if that is working. I think that's the easier way to validate your understanding right now.


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Hi @岩男卓55895320 

  1. Increase the "Max Number Versions" setting: You can increase the value of the "Max Number Versions" setting to a higher number to allow more versions to be stored. This will ensure that the oldest version is retained and can be restored without any errors.

  2. Disable the "Enable Purging" setting: If you do not want versions to be automatically purged, you can disable the "Enable Purging" setting. This will prevent the automatic removal of versions and ensure that the oldest version is always available for restoration.

  3. Manually manage versions: Instead of relying on the automatic versioning and purging settings, you can manually manage the versions of your assets. This involves creating versions manually and deleting them when necessary, ensuring that the oldest version is always retained for restoration.

It is important to carefully consider the implications of changing these settings


Thank you for your reply.

However, I'm not talking about purging.The purge is possible.
This is an error when reverting to the oldest version in which the asset was already created.

I would like you to try it.
With this setting, up to three versions can be saved.
For assets, you can create a version when editing or manually.
However, after creating three versions, an error message appears on the screen when reverting to the oldest version.



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Kautuk Sahni