AEMCQ5Tutorials: Integrate PWA with AEM – using headless CMS



Hi, I am going through the article  AEMCQ5Tutorials: Integrate PWA with AEM – using headless CMS @ Let me say that it is a very useful tutorial for anyone trying to get up to speed on these topics. In this tutorial, we opened the page (http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/we-retail/us/en/men.html , added Content Fragment to its Parsys and published,   so that the Content Fragment appears on the page on the Publisher. 1. From PWA app, are we invoking Content Fragment or the published page? 2. From the screen shot it looks like Content Fragment only. If so, what is the point in using the Content Fragment on a page and publishing it? 3. I mean we could have published Content Fragment alone and invoked it. I am not sure whether this (published Content Fragment alone) could be done. 4. Is a PWA same as an SPA or it is different? 5. The way we demonstrated a  Content Fragment, could we use  an Experience Fragment also in a PWA? Is there a tutorial for that as well? Kindly help me understand. Appreciate your support. Thanks, Rama.

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