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AEMaaCS not caching images at dispatcher


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I am using default cache file on my AEMaaCS instance, which is enable to cache everything


/0000 {
/glob "*"
/type "allow"

I noticed that images are not cache at dispatcher level? Anyone faced this issue with AEMaaCS. It is working on my local setup and images is rendered from Cache.


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Did you check https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/implementing/content-delive...


I could read something like below in this document 


Images and any content large enough stored in blob storage

  • by default, not cached

  • can be set on a finer grained level by the following apache mod_headers directives:

       <LocationMatch "^/content/.*\.(jpeg|jpg)$">
         Header set Cache-Control "max-age=222"
         Header set Age 0

    See the discussion in the html/text section above for exercising caution to not cache too widely and also how to force AEM to always apply caching with the “always” option.

    It is necessary to ensure that a file under src/conf.dispatcher.d/cache has the following rule (which is in the default configuration):

    { /glob "*" /type "allow" }

    Make sure that assets meant to be kept private rather than cached are not part of the LocationMatch directive filters.