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AEMaaCS & AdminConsole - Users Group don't apply AEM Author Permission to users


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Hi everyone,

I has had a very strange behaviour profiling my users through Users Group, I'll try to explain:

1) I created a user group to manage faster permission for my Developers team,  as in the screen

Immagine 2022-06-13 173739.png

2)  All permission were inherited by users, except for Author (AEM Administrator) role !!!!! Users were not able to edit templates, for example

I solved this way:

1) Removed permission from user group

2) Assigned individually the profile/permission

It's a bit annoying map manually this permission...someone has had the same issue? I did something wrong, or it's a bug?

Thanks in advance, regards 

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Hi @ShaileshBassi 

thanks for reminder, but I don't need to review official docs, I exactly know what are permissions, product profile, IMS and how to assign the right permissions, I'm able to use AdminConsole and all activities has been done on admin console! I repeat: all permission given to AdminConsole User Group has been applied except for AEM ADMIN, the Author role, that I need to map individually user by user ON THE ADMIN CONSOLE! Do you have any info on the specific issue? Thanks


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Hi , I landed in a similar situation where I mapped product profiles to user groups and users and user groups were sometimes not syncing in AEM . This is a known issue confirmed by IMS Product team. As of now, recommendation is you need to assign the product profiles (AEM User/AEM Administrator) to each user and not at the group level. This may be fixed in future .


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Hi @digarg31 and really thanks for explanation! I'll be wait for fix, regards