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AEM Workflows : How to Implement Parallel Approvals by Engineering.icf


What is Workflow in AEM?
Workflows enable you to automate Experience Manager activities. Workflows consist of a series of steps that are executed in a specific order. Each step performs a distinct activity such as activating a page or sending an email message. Workflows can interact with assets in the repository, user accounts, and Experience Manager services. Therefore, workflows can coordinate complicated activities that involve any aspect of Experience Manager.

Business Use case
The core business use case is, as an author I should be able to add ‘n’ number of reviewers (AEM Users) to the workflow, and every user must approve or deny the request to complete the workflow.

The Challenge
Two challenges found to achieve this use case.
1. If you assign the participant step to the group, then the workflow internally assigns this step to all the members under the group. This step will be completed automatically as and when any one of the members completes the step. But the business use case here is, all the members must approve the content before it moves to the next step for Activation/Deactivation.
2. At a time you can assign one group or a user to a participant step. Out-of-the-box Workflow capabilities in AEM do not allow for dynamically setting approvers at run-time. The workflow model requires that a group be selected as part of the model.

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AEM Workflows : How to Implement Parallel Approvals


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