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AEM WKND Tutorial Chapter 6 - Error when trying to add a new byline component




I am new hire at Adobe. I am currently working on the WKND tutorial.

I am stuck at Chapter 6.

I have completed the following steps:

1. I have added byline node of type cq:Component under aem-guides-wknd.ui.apps/src/main/content/jcr_root/apps/wknd/components/content

2. I have added two nodes of type nt:unfiltered: cq_dialog, cq_design_dialog under the byline node

3. I have added the byline.html

4. I have added two java packages under aem-guides-core:



Compiling my Maven project does not throw any errors but my http://localhost:4502/editor.html/content/wknd/en/sports/ultimate-guide-to-la-skateparks.html page

throws the following error for the byline component.


I am hoping someone could help me fix this issue.

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Employee Advisor

Hi it does not look like the Byline Sling Model has been registered. Can you check http://localhost:4502/system/console to see if the bundle has started?