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AEM with React/ Angular - blank page and no components


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I am new to AEM "world" and I am still learning. I am trying to follow the documentation on how to implement a project with React but got no success. I cloned the example project and all I got is a blank page, blank templates and no componentes, although they are in the code cloned. When I try to view the page as published this is the error I get:


Failed executing script /libs/cq/Page/Page.jsp: Cannot get DefaultSlingScript: Identifier com.adobe.aem.spa.project.core.models.Page cannot be correctly instantiated by the Use API

Cannot serve request to /content/wknd-spa-react/us/en/home.html in /apps/spa-project-core/components/page/page.html

I followed the documentation step by step and also I checked some other tutorials on youtube but got the same result. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance!

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