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AEM - Using Cloud Readiness Analyzer by Adobe Docs


Important Considerations for Using Cloud Readiness Analyzer
Follow the section below to understand the important considerations for running the Cloud Readiness Analyzer (CRA):
1. The CRA report is built using the output of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Pattern Detector . The version of Pattern Detector used by CRA is included in the CRA installation package.
2. The CRA may only be run by the admin user or a user in the Administrators group.
3. CRA is supported on AEM instances with version 6.1 and above.
4. CRA can run on any environment, but it is preferred to have it run on a Stage environment.
Note: In order to avoid an impact on business critical instances, it is recommended that you run CRA on an Author environment that is as close as possible to the Production environment in the areas of customizations, configurations, content and user applications. Alternatively, it can be run on a clone of the production Author environment.

5. The generation of CRA report contents can take a significant amount of time, from several minutes to a few hours. The amount of time required is highly dependent on the size and nature of 6. the AEM repository content, the AEM version, and other factors.
7. Because of the significant time that may be required to generate the report contents, they are generated by a background process and held in a cache. Viewing and downloading the report should be relatively fast because it utilizes the content cache until it expires or the report is explicitly refreshed. During the generation of report contents you may close your browser tab and return at a later time to view the report once its contents are available in the cache.

The Cloud Readiness Analyzer can be downloaded as a zip file from the Software Distribution Portal. You can install the package via Package Manager on your source Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) instance.

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AEM - Using Cloud Readiness Analyzer


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