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AEM top 3 challenges from the customer’s point of view by digitalum


In order to tackle customer’s concerns, Adobe has had hundreds of conversations with customers over the past years. As a result, Adobe is offering solutions like new features and robust implementations to meet the client’s needs. We’ll explore the 3 main obstacles in-depth along with Adobe’s solutions, so you can focus on creating carefree experiences.

1. Agility to drive success
The grievances
How can we do things faster? Time is money! Some of the challenges Adobe keeps hearing is: “Why can’t we do things faster?”. Clients note that backend and frontend are coupled together. Things can’t go faster because everything is a waterfall during development. Things must be done in a sequence. There is a lack of flexibility and agility: how can sequences be parallelized? How can clients get all of their project teams working in a concurrent path to reduce the overall lead time. Last, but not least, measuring, is there a way to understand performance? seamless, connected customer journey. Therefore, it’s built on AEP.

The answer of Adobe
The way Adobe tackles this topic is by attempting to decouple the backend and frontend even further through new features in Quick Site Creation. We already had ‘Quick Site Creation’ as of last year, but the workflow for the front-end developer has improved further.

Quick Site has the ability to download theme sources.

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AEM top 3 challenges from the customer’s point of view


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