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AEM Sling Resource Merger - Custom page properties


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Hi All,

We have a requirement to add new field say Related Tags in page properties Basic tab in addition to the existing ones. I tried to achieve this by using Sling Resource Merger overlay concept which works fine but after this i am unable to see edit/configure options for any of the components.

Below are the detailed steps i followed to overlay page properties in AEM 6.4

  1. Navigate to node /libs/wcm/foundation/components/basicpage/v1/basicpage/tabs/basic/items/column/items/title, click on Overlay Node
  2. Node gets created under /apps//wcm/foundation/components/basicpage/v1/basicpage/tabs/basic/items/column/items/title
  3. Added custom field under overlaid node
  4. Open page properties to find custom field in basic tab.

But when i navigate to any of my content pages, i am unable to edit/configure components. Once i delete above overlaid node and restart AEM instance, i am able to edit the components.

I could not find any error/exception in any of the logs related to this.

If anyone was able to achieve similar functionality without copying entire page properties basic tab within project specific page components, please let me know the approach.

Documentation referred is https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-4/sites/developing/using/sling-resource-merger.html

It was mentioned "The Sling Resource Merger and related methods can only be used with Granite.", could this be reason because i am using coral widgets?

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We are also facing same kind of issue.  We have overridden title and more title section in basic tab.  In the page, overridden fields only showing remaining fields(on/off Time field and redirect checkbox) are not showing which is available in basicpage.

resourceSuperType: core/wcm/components/page/v2/page

Whereas in AEM 6.1 same overriding is displaying the all the fields even though we override.

Page dialog merging is not working in AEM 6.4?

Any response would be helpful!




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Hello,you have to add sling:resourceSuperType :   wcm/foundation/components/basicpage/v1/basicpage/tabs/advanced



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@srikanthp689160 I can see it has been a while since you asked here.

Did you manage to fix this issue? Any workaround that you tried?