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AEM Site Page URL to PDF


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Hi All,


We have a requirement to convert and AEM Site page to PDF when given a sitepage url as an input.


We have been trying opensource solutions like iText html2pdf, iTextRenderer, wkhtmltopdf but none of the worked. With itexthtml2pdf we were able to generate pdf but unable to fetch dynamic components such as "Dynamic media powered or coveo powered" also, local AEM often corrupts.


Looking for any frontend or backend approaches to generate PDFs.



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Hello @nagamtrisandhya ,
Have you tried with the clientside library htmlToPdf? https://ekoopmans.github.io/html2pdf.js/ 

For client-side rendering, you must load the JS after the content is ready.


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@nagamtrisandhya can you please explain this in more detail? what is the usecase of PDF export of webpage? Are you trying to over achieve AEM DITA?