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AEM RCP Pathnnot found Exception


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Hi All , 


we are using Data Store as Azure Blobs and succfully uploaded  all assets(https://helpx.adobe.com/in/experience-manager/6-3/sites/deploying/using/data-store-config.html)  .  we are moving/rcp  same assets to anoher environement   usign the Vault service bundle (https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/kb/filevault-vlt-rcp-does-not-copy-binary-data-properly.h...


while running the curl command we are getting the Path Not Found Exception .  


20.05.2020 01:29:10.066 *INFO* [sling-default-1-com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchecker.impl.LinkCheckerTask.2584] com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchec
ker.impl.LinkCheckerTask Checked URL https://use.typekit.net/dje4ayd.js: 200 (valid)
20.05.2020 01:29:10.109 *INFO* [sling-default-1-com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchecker.impl.LinkCheckerTask.2584] com.day.cq.rewriter.linkchec
ker.impl.LinkCheckerTask Checked URL https://www.google.com: 200 (valid)
20.05.2020 01:29:12.522 *INFO* [Vault RCP Task - test-id-6] org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.rcp.impl.RcpTask Starting repository copy task
id=test-id-6. From https://hostname/crx/server/crx.default/jcr:root/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy to /c
20.05.2020 01:29:12.531 *ERROR* [Vault RCP Task - test-id-6] org.apache.jackrabbit.vault.util.RepositoryCopier Error while retrieving s
rc node /content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy: javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: /content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy
20.05.2020 01:29:14.785 *INFO* [qtp1064100962-1700] org.apache.sling.auth.core.impl.SlingAuthenticator getAnonymousResolver: Anonymous
access not allowed by configuration - requesting credentials
20.05.2020 01:29:32.549 *INFO* [qtp1064100962-66] org.apache.sling.auth.core.impl.SlingAuthenticator getAnonymousResolver: Anonymous ac
cess not allowed by configuration - requesting credentials

Pleae help us any confiuraiton is require for additional . 

Here  is My CURL command
curl -u admin:admin 'http://<destination-instance>/system/jackrabbit/filevault/rcp' -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"cmd":"create", "id":"test-id-1", "src":"https:/admin:admin@<source-instance>/crx/server/crx.default/jcr:root/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy", "dst":"/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy", "recursive": true} 

Please help on this issue . 

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The "src":"https:/admin:admin@<source-instance>/crx/server/crx.default/jcr:root/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy makes no sense.

you cannot rcp by setting up the path from CRXDe

Your source should be similar to https:/admin:admin@<source-instance>/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy


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Thanks for you responce . still i am gettign the different error now .


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i just changed you are syntax . and ran the curl command . 

url -u tadmin:admin 'https://hostname/system/jackrabbit/filevault/rcp' -X POST -H "Conte
nt-Type: application/json" -d '{"cmd":"start", "id":"test-id-7"}'
"status": "error",
"message": "Error while executing 'start': Login failed: Unknown workspace 'azcopy'."

and the Task Id Json Format:

id": "test-id-7",
      "src": "https://hostnanme/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy/jcr:root",
      "dst": "/content/dam/we-retail/en/products/azcopy",
      "recursive": true,
      "batchsize": 1024,
      "update": false,
      "onlyNewer": false,
      "noOrdering": false,
      "throttle": 0,
      "resumeFrom": null,
      "status": {
        "state": "NEW",
        "currentPath": null,
        "lastSavedPath": null,
        "totalNodes": 0,
        "totalSize": 0,
        "currentSize": 0,
        "currentNodes": 0,
        "error": ""

Please help on this one


You might want to try ACS Tools VLT RCP. The tool has a GUI and it's easy to define source and destination: https://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-tools/features/vlt-rcp/index.html




This was probably solved by now, but for reference the destination path in the target repository ("dst") must already exist (create it manually if needed) or the VLT RCP sync will fail.

The documentation mentions that the parent node of the filter must exist: 

Hope this helps