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AEM publisher server: Errors in widgets.min.js when trying to use security.html or useradmin


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hi folks, I've a weird problem, only on one environment and only on the publisher server.


If I try to view path ACLs permissions either by security.html or useradmin, the screen is blank.

I see error messages in the console.

Uncaught ReferenceError: tpl is not defined




Uncaught TypeError: CQ.Ext.ux.maximgb in undefined


Anyone got any ideas? thanks Fiona



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It seems like the client libraries used by those pages to render the components are not functioning properly. Have you recently upgraded or made changes to the AEM instance? You may need to debug the JavaScript to determine why they are breaking. While it may not be enjoyable, it seems to be the available option for now. 

Esteban Bustamante


Community Advisor

Oh wait, is this supposed to be looked at on publish anyway? Typically, you just move ACLs from author to publishers. Which version of AEM are you running?

Esteban Bustamante

Thanks Esteban,

My Publisher ACLs are different as they are exposed to the outside word so I have spent a lot of time in the past correcting them using the security ACLs or useradmin permission grid, whereas the Author is protected by sign-in. 

I only have the above code problem in the lowest environment and only in Publisher.

It used to work.   I have no idea what has happened it. It is very strange.

I will try to debug further.