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AEM Project Archetype by Adobe Docs


The AEM Project Archetype is a Maven template that creates a minimal, best-practices-based Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) project as a starting point for your website.

The latest AEM Project Archetype can be found on GitHub.

Archetype Documentation (this document): Overview of the archetype architecture and its different modules.
->Using the Archetype: further details on using the archetype and the modules available
->ui.frontend: How to use the front end build module

The following tutorials are based off this archetype:
->WKND Site: Learn how to start a fresh new website.
->WKND Single Page App: Learn how to build a React or Angular webapp that is fully authorable in AEM.

Best Practice: Bootstrap your site with all of Adobe’s latest recommended practices.
Low-Code: Edit your templates, create content, deploy your CSS, and your site is ready for go-live.
Cloud-Ready: If desired, use AEM as a Cloud Service to go-live in few days and ease scalability and maintenance.
Dispatcher: A project is complete only with a Dispatcher configuration that ensures speed and security.
Multi-Site: If needed, the archetype generates the content structure for a multi-language and multi-region setup.
Core Components: Authors can create nearly any layout with our versatile set of standardized components.
Editable Templates: Assemble virtually any template without code, and define what the authors are allowed to edit.
Responsive Layout: On templates or individual pages, define how the elements reflow for the defined breakpoints.
Header and Footer: Assemble and localize them without code, using the localization features of the components.
Style System: Avoid building custom components by allowing authors to apply different styles to them.
Front-End Build: Front-end developers can mock AEM pages and build client libraries with Webpack, TypeScript, and SASS.
WebApp-Ready: For sites using React or Angular, use the SPA SDK to retain in-context authoring of the app.
Commerce Enabled: For projects that want to integrate AEM Commerce with commerce solutions like Magento using the Commerce Core Components.
Example Code: Checkout the HelloWorld component, and the sample models, servlets, filters, and schedulers.
Open Sourced: If something is not as it should, contribute your improvements!

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AEM Project Archetype


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