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I'm working on aem 6.3 to 6.5 in place upgrade activity. As part of this, I'm fixing the issues raised by pattern detector. I have found the below issue:




The overlay was done for customization but now the overlay is not allowed for it as mixinType is Internal (granite:InternalArea) - Defines a node as internal. Nodes classified as internal cannot be overlaid, inherited, or used directly. These nodes are meant only for internal functionality of AEM


We require the customization, so is there any way to resolve it.






how to

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Accepted Solutions (1)




A content area violation (CAV) is detected because you are currently overriding or overlaying a node which is (or will be after the upgrade) in a "restricted area". You can read more about content areas here:

To make a comparison: overlaying a node that is in a granite:internalArea is a bit like trying to extend a class which is marked as final in Java (ie: not allowed!).

You will have to do remove the offending node.

Based on your previous questions, I suspect that this too is a result of an outdated ACS Commons package being installed on your instance.

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