AEM Oauth authentication through Azure



Hi All,

We want to secure our AEM site through Azure login (oauth).

I have gone through the linkedin provider and created a similar provider for azure.

I seek help in creating Cloud configuration services for my custom azure oauth provider.

It will be great if somebody can help us test this custom provider with a detailed process.





I am able to connect/redirect to azure using the oauthhandler.  Oauthhandler is configured to protect path /content

In app I m invoking authorization endpoint with url (localhost:1746/content/j_security_check?configid=abcdsfdfdslfdsl)

Azure authentication happen successfully. redirected back to aem with authcode.

I configured redirecturi as localhost:1746/content/

At this point, I hoped oauthhandler will get invoked again and authtoken will be fetched. But somehow oauthhandler does not get invoked

and loginselector redirects me to default login page.

Guys please help with the procedure or url that can invoke oauthhandler to get accesstoken. Or let me know if the my understanding of oauthhandler is correct. Or if you could guide me to the documentation of oauthhandler.