AEM Launch Integration - Constant Upgrading of IMS Config



We've set up the AEM Launch Integration within both our prod and stage instances of AEM. However, after a few months, when I go to add a new container, it seems that the dropdowns within the Launch Configuration steps refuse to populate. When we do the IMS health check, it fails. So then we update the client secret with the exact same value it had before, and then the dropdowns populate. 


Has anyone else encountered this? Why do we have to constantly update it?  

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




We're facing the similar issue with Brand Portal integration. The client secret keeps on dropping and we noticed that the older bundles installed are the culprit. If you have done in-place upgrade from older versions then their might be unwanted SP/CFP bundles.


You can safely uninstall those bundles. We were on AEM 6.2 (CFP15) and we recently migrated to AEM 6.5.5 and facing the similar issue and the culprit was some bundles installed during CFP 10 on AEM 6.2.


If you are not using, uninstall ACS Proxy bundle and see if that helps. 


Let me know.





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