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AEM Jenkins Integration


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Hello everyone,


I'm facing one weird issue while deploying my Maven project via jenkins pipleline. I've created freestyle jenkins pipleline and it's parameterised accepting branch and environment as parameters. 

I've AEM credentials saved in Credential Manager of jenkins with xxxx ID.

When I'm trying to deploy I'm getting 503 error code 

response=Service Unavailable

While other jobs are able to access the same environment with Jenkins, what can be the issue? Any configuration I'm missing?

I've custom settings.xml and build command I'm using :

mvn clean install -s settings.xml -X -PautoInstallPackage -Daem.host=xxxx -Daem.port=xxxx-Dvault.user=$AEM_USERNAME -Dvault.password=$AEM_PASSWORD 

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Hi @Veenu 


Can you check the complete logs in Jenkins, what is it saying?


Service unavailable is generally if the server is not reachable or not switched on.



Kiran Vedantam.


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Hello @Kiran_Vedantam ,


That's the exact error I'm getting, do we need to configure something in settings.xml or pom file as I ran it with curl command,

curl --trace -f -u ${AEM_USERNAME}:${AEM_PASSWORD} https://$AEM_LOCATION/crx/packmgr/service.jsp -F name=${zipnames[$arraycounter]} -F file=@"${directories[$arraycounter]}/${zipnames[$arraycounter]}" -F install=true -F force=true it installed packages, but why it is not running with shell script  mvn clean install -s settings.xml -X -PautoInstallPackage -Daem.host=xxxx -Daem.port=xxxx-Dvault.user=$AEM_USERNAME -Dvault.password=$AEM_PASSWORD 



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503 is a server-side error; that means that you should check the AEM logs for more details.