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AEM Interview Questions & Answers in 2021


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Digitalization has become a buzz word in the business world and it plays an essential role in order to retain old customers, attracting new customers, and keep the business growing. Content management has occupied a major role in this modern era of business operations. If you are about to start your career in a popular Content Management Systems suite like Adobe Experience Manager and wish to explore new things in the marketing world, then congratulations! In order to help you crack the AEM interview in the very first attempt, we have prepared a list of top AEM Interview Questions and answers here after deep research.

The constant innovations in technology have created an urgency for shifting the traditional marketing strategies into digital strategies or online marketing.  Leveraging digital content sources such as infographics, images, videos, documents and apps is the best way to share information with customers.  Adobe Experience Manager is an advanced and widely deployed CMS tool which helps organizations in building their online presence and reaching customers with the right information in an innovative and simplified way.  By the end of this Adobe CQ5 interview questions blog, you will surely gain the knowledge to crack the AEM interview.  Let’s get into the details of frequently asked AEM interview questions and answers part.

Top AEM Interview Questions and Answers:
1) What is the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)?

AEM is a comprehensive content management solution developed by Adobe. It is one of the advanced and widely deployed content management suites for managing digital assets and websites. Using AEM tool organizations can simplify the digital asset management with features like document management, social engagement, community portals and options to manage user-generated content.

AEM acts as a central workstation for the creative teams and simplifies their day to day tasks. This tool allows the marketing teams to connect from the different parts of the world and helps them in delivering the right information to the targeted audience through different channels.

2) What are the modules available in AEM?

AEM simplifies website content delivery and management through following modules. Each module comes with a set of features and executes the assigned tasks. Following are the different modules available in AEM:

    1. Sites
    2. Asset Management
    3. Mobile
    4. Forms
    5. Community
3) Name the technologies behind AEM?

AEM has been built upon the following technologies:

    1. JCR
    2. Apache Sling
    3. OSGi (Apache Felix)
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4) What do you know about Sightly?

Sightly is a new HTML templating engine in AEM 6.0 and designed to replace JSP and ESP. The main reason behind using Sightly in AEM is to produce code that is readable, maintainable and secure while separating Markup and logic.  

5) What is Adobe Marketing Cloud?

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a platform that helps organizations with the power to get deep customer insights, build personalized campaigns, and allows them to manage content and assets. Adobe marketing cloud lets you bring together data and content into one place, and helps you build exceptional customer experiences.  

6) What is AEM Dispatcher?

The dispatcher is a caching and/or load balancing tool in Adobe Experience Manager. It also acts as a guard for AEM servers and protects it from all kind of attacks. The dispatcher caches as much content as possible, so it eliminates the need to access the layout engine. Dispatchers distribute the computational load across multiple instances of AEM. It improves the processing power of AEM by distributing the computational load.  

7) What is a Content Management System?

A Content management system is a software application or a group of integrated programs that simplifies the task of managing a website’s digital content. In simple words it allows the users to upload, edit and delete content from a website without having any technical or programming knowledge.

What is a replication Agent?

The replication agents are central to AEM and perform the following functions:

    1. Publishes content
    2. Flushes content from the Dispatcher cache.
9) What are the key benefits of using AEM?

Following are the major benefits of using adobe experience manager:

    1. Simple Digital Asset Management (DAM).
    2. Creative Cloud Integration
    3. Improved Search
    4. Better Task Management
    5. Visual Media Conversion
    6. Efficient Video Management
    7. Personalized Content delivery.
10) Name the interfaces available in AEM?

Following are the different interfaces available in AEM:

    1. Apache Felix
    2. CRX Delite
    3. Etc/Tool
    4. Site Admin
    5. CRX Explorer
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