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[AEM Gems] Harness the Power of New Relic APM for AEM as a Cloud Service. Boost Performance & Issue Resolution




Session Details

Join us in our session where we’ll guide you in recognizing and solving challenges that affect your end-user customers, ensuring an outstanding experience through:

  1. Improving the efficiency of your AEM as a Cloud Service Project
  2. Measuring the influence of external services for your AEM as a Cloud Service system
  3. Making the most of customized and tailored views

Discover the process for accessing New Relic, a feature included by default with AEM as a Cloud Service. Don’t hesitate to engage with your inquiries and questions.

Housekeeping details:

  1. Duration: 60 minutes including 10 minutes of Q&A
  2. Audience: Customers, Partners, and Adobe Employees
  3. Recording and slides will be made available to the public after the session
  4. The session is free of charge, registration will be required

Session Recording

Session Schedule

Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 8:00 AM (PST) OR 5:00 PM (CET) OR 8:30 PM (IST)

Session Q&A

Question Answer
would it be possible to allow access to new relic on partner sandboxes? We could absolutely look into partner sandboxes and provide access; however, this is more an on-demand request as we do  not enable NewRelic by default on Sandboxes. The usual process would require a support ticket and our engineers can action the request.
Hi, which permissions (in which group?) do we have to have in order to be able to register to New Relic ? great question - the users who have either Business Owner or Deployment Manager role will be able to manage users
Is there any reason why it is not allowed for Adobe IDs Cloud Manager is designed to be the tool our customers use, while Adobe employees get access into NR accounts through Adobe OKTA configurations. Hope that helps.
Hey folks im not sure that my mic is off Hi, please increase the volume of your device. If the issue persists, please refresh your browser session. If still an issue, please rejoin this session by closing the browser tab.
using this inerface for the first time can some1 tell where can i check Your mic is off. Please leave any questions you have in the Q&A chat.
Can new relic account of company and Adobe Cloud Manager be combined? Hi, New relic can initiate an account share where we can connect accounts from two different organizations to allow cross account query. I will provide my email at the end if you would like to know more.
Can New Relic manage AEM CS APIs integrations performance? Assuming we integrate AEM CS with 3rd party apps You should be able to see performance metrics associated with your integrations under External Services  - Alan will cover a bit this part too.
If I am already an Adobe Commerce customer where I also get a New Relic account (APM, Infra, Logs), can I combine both accounts or do they remain separate accounts? Or are there any advantages to having two accounts? Thx! 🙂 Adobe teams use the New Relic Accounts as well to assist customers which means that there will be two accounts for both AEM and Commerce. We can correlate data across both accounts and put them in one view. If you are interested in that I will have my email at the end you can send and we can explore that.
Can we detect security vulnerabilities using newrelic New Relic does have the ability to detect vulnerabilities via APM and can integrate with various security tools. I don't think that functionality is available right now with your New Relic access though, please send strinnaman@newrelic.com  an email about this and we can sync with the AEM team to look into your use case.
customer is asking intergration with on prem dynatrace, is this available This session is designed around AEM as a Cloud Service for which we offer by default NewRelic APM access. On-prem AEM is not under Adobe management per-se, but rather customer.
Is the data shown in New Relic real-time? Yes. New Relic data is shown in real time. You can set the time frame to the last 30 minutes and dashboards and views within new relic will automatically refresh.
How many days of data is stored here? These docs go over our standard data storage plan. Metrics are stored for 13 months, APM errors/events are stored for 8 days, and certain other APM metrics are stored at 1 minute intervals for 90 days.
can new relic provide or export  data to external system like ELK or somewhere Some docs on our data export functionality. Please contact Adobe & New Relic via email about this and we can discuss it further.
I don’t see the “manage new relic users” option in our environment. Does that have to be enabled by Adobe? To manage New Relic users via AEM Cloud Manager you must have the Business Owner or Deployment Manag...
Can we do some custom reporting based on logs added via custom? Code New Relic does support the addition of logs via custom code for custom reporting, but this functionality is not currently provided as part of your access to New Relic via AEM Cloud Services. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact the AEM Cloud Services team.
How can we leverage or observe the behavior from SETTINGS- Alerts and Environment New Relic does support alerting on any data in New Relic, but this functionality is not currently provided as part of your access to New Relic via AEM Cloud Services. If this is something you’d be interested in please contact the AEM Cloud Services team.
It would be great to expose JMX attributes that AEM provides in newRelic? New Relic APM should show JMX metrics for AEM. If there is something you are not seeing that you’d like to be monitored please contact the AEM Cloud Services team.
Are all drop wizard metrics (oak, sling, custom) available directly in new relic? New Relic supports dropwizard metrics (https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/more-integrations/open-source-...
Can I perform basic reporting like the total count of .html requests for certain path? You should be able to run this in NRQL in New Relic. For example, SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = ‘Your Application’ FACET request.uri SINCE 1 WEEK AGO will get you a count of requests for each URI path since 1 week ago.
Is it possible to integrate a New Relic alert with Slack? New Relic alerting does support Slack. Alerting is not currently provided as part of your access to New Relic via AEM Cloud Services. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact the AEM Cloud Services team.


Alan Mon - New Relic (Solution Architect), Luciana Surdoiu - Adobe (Head Of Cloud Automation), Adam Pazik - Adobe (Dir, Software Development),
Matthew Lowe - New Relic (Solution Architect) and Michael Campbell - Adobe (Senior AEM Site Reliability Engineer)

Don't forget to register yourself for this session using the registration link shared above. 

Register at: https://adobe.ly/3RcvVi3

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Hello all,

I was not able to attend the live broadcast yesterday and wonder where I can find the recorded video of it. Thanks in advance.






@24x7 @bharath_kumark , Recording for this session has been added to the thread above.


Kautuk Sahni