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AEM Developers References to Speed Up Development


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I thought it would be a great time to share with you some references I use to speed up my AEM development when working on AEM components and Touch UI. I typically have articles opened up, so I can quickly access the references as needed.

The references include:

  1. AEM Sling Model Injectors Annotations Reference - The injector specific annotations enable us, developers, to write less code, enables stability with injectors to demise injector collisions, and enables better IDE support. This article exposes all or at least most of the Sling Model specific injectors that us developers can utilise during development -  https://sourcedcode.com/blog/aem/aem-sling-model-injectors-annotations-reference-guide
  2. AEM Granite UI 1.0 Form Component’s XML Reference - This AEM Granite UI 1.0 Form Component’s XML Reference Guide provides code snippets to help developers speed up their AEM Touch UI development. This quick reference includes the most used Granite UI form components with plug and plays XML examples. This article has  great  code snippets and references for Touch UI configuration - https://sourcedcode.com/blog/aem/aem-granite-ui-1-0-form-components-xml-reference-guide
  3. AEM Global Objects for Backend and Front-end Sightly (HTL) Development - References for how AEM global objects can be used in JAVA and HTL environments - https://sourcedcode.com/blog/aem/aem-global-objects-for-backend-and-front-end-sightly-htl
  4. AEM JCR SQL2 query strings to query for nodes in Java Content Repository - Offers code snippers and a guide on how to write JCR SQL2 query string https://sourcedcode.com/blog/aem/aem-jcr-sql2-tutorial-and-examples-and-cheatsheet

I hope these blog articles will help you speed up your AEM development.


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Helpful! This will help the community. 

I appreciate your support.

Kautuk Sahni