AEM Custom Servlet Post Working in HTTP but not HTTPs



Hi everyone,

I have a custom servlet which I am using to return folder information. I am able to return the information when I attempting to hit the servlet directly with HTTP and specifying the port number. However, we are setting AEM to be SSL by Default and I am unable to get the same information to be returned through HTTPS and when I do not specify the port which is the case I want. I'm assuming it has to do with the mapping I have in place but I am unsure.


I have updated the Apache Felix Jetty Based Http Service to enable HTTPS and messed around with the Sling Mapping but am getting nowhere. I have added error log information and some configuration information below when I attempt to hit the servlet from Postman.

Any help would be awesome.


Error Log Information

0 TIMER_START{Request Processing}
      2 COMMENT timer_end format is {<elapsed microseconds>,<timer name>} <optional message>
     12 LOG Method=POST, PathInfo=null
     16 TIMER_START{handleSecurity}
   2016 TIMER_END{1996,handleSecurity} authenticator returns true
   2298 TIMER_START{ResourceResolution}
   6162 TIMER_END{3862,ResourceResolution} URI=/api/assets/v1/jobFolderInfo resolves to Resource=NonExistingResource, path=/api/assets/v1/jobFolderInfo
   6175 LOG Resource Path Info: SlingRequestPathInfo: path='/api/assets/v1/jobFolderInfo', selectorString='null', extension='null', suffix='null'
   6176 TIMER_START{ServletResolution}
   6182 TIMER_START{resolveServlet(/api/assets/v1/jobFolderInfo)}
   8231 LOG {0}: no servlet found
   8245 TIMER_END{2061,resolveServlet(/api/assets/v1/jobFolderInfo)} Using servlet
   8251 TIMER_END{2074,ServletResolution} URI=/api/assets/v1/jobFolderInfo handled by
   8259 LOG Applying Requestfilters
   8265 LOG Calling filter: com.adobe.granite.resourceresolverhelper.impl.ResourceResolverHelperImpl
   8274 LOG Calling filter:

Sling Mapping

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jcr:root xmlns:sling="" xmlns:jcr=""
sling:match="*)" />

Servlet Information

* Servlet for creating folder using DAM assets APIs.
@Component(service = Servlet.class,
property = {
Constants.SERVICE_DESCRIPTION + "=Get Job Folder Info API",
"sling.servlet.methods=" + HttpConstants.METHOD_POST,
"sling.servlet.resourceTypes=" + "sling/servlet/default",
"sling.servlet.selectors=" + "jobFolderInfo",
"sling.servlet.extensions=" + APIConstants.JSON_EXTENSION_TYPE
public class JobFolderInfoServlet extends SlingAllMethodsServlet {



AEM 6.3 AEM Assets

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I was able resolve my issues because I figured out that I was missing a sling mapping file for https where I included a mapping which excluded the port number as part of the URL.

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Answers (1)





I don't think you can make a sling:internalRedirect with servlets; as this property causes the current path to be modified internally to continue with resource resolution; not script resolution. Documentation:

Intern Solution:
Apache Redirects:

RewriteRule ^/api/assets/v1/(.*)$ /content/dam/site.$1.json [PT,L]


Hope this helps.