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AEM cloud - extended carousel & image components are not working


Level 4

Hi Team,

could someone suggest me on the below issue please.

1. Extended core components carousel & image

2. Added few new fields in the dialog in both the extended components, no changes in html.

3. authored carousel inside with the image components

4. Issue: it was showing any two images on the page.

5. but there is no issue in publish mode & local environment. Issue persists only on dev & stage environments.

Note: It was working properly after renamed the image component to imagev2 or with any other name with the same code. The name image only not working.




Showing any two images randomly.




Thank you in advance!!

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Community Advisor

@Lakshmi9 Please check if the core pakages are matching between environments.

you can check this in package manager - 



Level 4


verified but didn't find any discrepancies. Any other suggestions please?


Thank you


Community Advisor

@Lakshmi9 Can you attach the screenshot of the overlay structure from crx?


Level 4

Hi @Manu_Mathew_ , please find the screenshots below. Kindly let me know if anything is required. And the imageupdated(copy of the image component & renamed) is working as expected in the carousel.

Image component


Carousel component


Thank you