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AEM as a Cloud Service – New Features & Announcements from Adobe Summit | AEM Community Blog Seeding




AEM as a Cloud Service – New Features & Announcements from Adobe Summit by TAD REEVES


We’ve just wrapped up Adobe Summit 2022, and there were some seriously interesting new developments that Adobe announced for its AEM as a Cloud Service digital experience platform.

Last year’s Summit had a mild lack of shock value, due to our getting a steady diet of amazing new features all year as they were released. But this year, the Adobe crew was prepared with some heavy-duty features that they’ve been working hard on this year, with a real focus on bettering the developer and operations experience.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the last two years, it’s been one of the most major points that has made it tough to recommend AEM as a Cloud Service in the past, in that there was no way for developers to get a feedback loop for how their AEM environments are performing. Additionally, as AEM as a Cloud Service automatically scales up your environment to meet load, it could be that your infrastructure would automatically scale up due to poorly-performing pages and API calls, ridiculously large repository traversals, or poor caching strategies – and you’d NEVER KNOW.

Adobe’s AEM as a Cloud Service product owner Bertrand De Coatpont demonstrates New Relic running on the Cloud Service. As you can see here, this is similar to other AEM instances running Adobe’s Newrelic plugin, exposing the JCR as a “database” so that you can dig in and see heavy database operations, drill into JCR traversals, etc.
New Relic is already being used by Adobe engineers on the backend, so there’s nothing to do on the infrastructure side to enable it for you. However, setting up your own access to access New Relic One for AEM as a Cloud Service requires some manual ticketing & work on your end, which is described here in the Adobe docs.

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AEM as a Cloud Service – New Features & Announcements from Adobe Summit


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