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AEM as a Cloud Service — Dispatcher Converter Tool by Dinesh Chaudhary


With Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) being available as a Cloud Service, there are a few notable changes on how Apache & Dispatcher configurations can be structured so that they can be deployed on the cloud. Below is an important if not exhaustive c

This article outlines the Dispatcher Converter which is part of the initiative by Adobe of developing code refactoring tools to make existing content (code, package structure, indexes, configurations) compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service. This tool converts existing AEM Dispatcher configurations to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible Dispatcher configurations by honoring the changes listed above along with the ones checked by validator script which comes as part of Dispatcher Tools mentioned here.
It is recommended to use this tool via the AIO CLI plugin for code refactoring tools which integrates all the code refactoring tools and minimizes the overhead of installation and setup of individual tools (refer to the article Unified Experience for AEM as a Cloud Service Code Refactoring Tools to understand how to install and execute the plugin).
It can also be executed standalone (see here for more details).

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AEM as a Cloud Service — Dispatcher Converter Tool


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