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AEM Analytics: Sending Original Field Values in Locales. Part 1 by Exadel


AEM analytics give you valuable insights into visitors’ journeys on a website. To map this behavior accurately, you need to tune analytics in AEM programmatically. Tuning becomes especially important and tricky if you have a multi-language site — but if you know AEM MSM best practices, then there will be no need to hit the panic button. Learn how to make your AEM analytics integration smooth and successful!
In this article, the Exadel Marketing Technology Team suggests a solution for managing AEM analytics while having different locales with translated content.

AEM analytics tutorial at your service
There are quite a few reasons why we might need to pass English text to a data layer when a user clicks on a component. This could be for a button, a link, a title, or something else. By passing the English text, we’ll be able to generate user interaction reports for all locales, regardless of the localized UI language. What that means is that we need to somehow store the original text value that will not be translated for locales. Let’s break down the algorithm of our actions into several steps.

Tuning analytics in AEM: Plain Text Field
For each field whose value should be sent in English to AEM analytics, we’re going to create a hidden field with the name “./{fieldName}.id”.

Author Dialog: Additional config for AEM analytics
So, for a “title” field, we’ll have the following:

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