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Aem Analyser plugin error


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I think I have some dependency conflicts. 


I am using asset share commons as a dependency in my project. 


After a code change, I keep having this error : 

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 16.28.03.png


I am using this version of asset share : 



And sdk version : 


 Any help please ?? 

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Hi @Karim_Onizuka 


Try to find out/correct the imports of your code change & check if that works.





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Hello @SantoshSai 

Thank you for the answer, here is the part of the import causing the issue 

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 16.45.22.png

But I can not remove that import


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classes which reside within an "impl" java package are normally not exported by OSGI; at least that's the default used for AEM bundles, and I am not aware of any exception.


That means that the class "com.adobe.aem.commons.assetsshare.search.result.impl.results.QueryBUildsResultsImpl" is not available outside this specific java package.


You cannot use that class, also because you are not supposed to use it. It's also not part of the official API documentation. Why are using it?