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AEM Akamai Cache flush Agent by Seenivasa Ragavan Soundar Rajan


After the first hit to the page in aem and HTML response received for first time from publish instance will get cached on Akamai level.

Subsequent request to the same page will be served from the cached content in Akamai rather than hitting dispatcher / publisher.

Anytime did you struggled to get the latest HTML from publisher instead of Akamai cache?

Well we did!!!

What we have donePermalink
We have worked on AEM replication agent for flushing Akamai cache whenever page gets published.

So, after author change a page content and publish it our Akamai cache flush agent will pick that page and request to akamai for clearing cache. So that user of that page will get the latest content instead of cached old content from Akamai.

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AEM Akamai Cache flush Agent


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