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AEM 6 is starting up with error


Level 10

AEM instance was starting properly and suddenly when I restarted an instance, its throwing below error when I hit 'localhost:4502'


Problem accessing /. Reason:

AuthenticationSupport service missing. Cannot authenticate request.


What could be the reason

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Level 8

You get that error when the authentication bundles haven't started yet. In some cases this is just a matter of time - the start up may still be progress. If it isn't just time then there are any number of reasons why the authentication bundles might not have started. There are two steps you need to take to troubleshoot the issues:

  1. Look at your error.log during start up and look for exceptions and error messages. These exceptions and error messages will clue you into what the problem is. 
  2. If you don't see error messages log into felix and see if you have any bundles that aren't starting and try to manually start them and watch the error logs while you are manually starting them. 


Level 10

Thanks orotas !

Getting a below error, but I have these files and the access aswell (these files are not readonly).

30.10.2014 13:46:52.989 *ERROR* [main] ERROR: Error loading overlay properties from F:\Adobe_CQ5\author\crx-quickstart\conf\sling.properties (java.io.FileNotFoundException: F:\Adobe_CQ5\author\crx-quickstart\conf\sling.properties (Access is denied))
java.io.FileNotFoundException: F:\Adobe_CQ5\author\crx-quickstart\conf\sling.properties (Access is denied)

30.10.2014 13:46:55.379 *ERROR* [main] ERROR: IOException during writing of installed flag. (java.io.FileNotFoundException: F:\Adobe_CQ5\author\crx-quickstart\launchpad\conf\launchpad-timestamp.txt (Access is denied))
java.io.FileNotFoundException: F:\Adobe_CQ5\author\crx-quickstart\launchpad\conf\launchpad-timestamp.txt (Access is denied)

Are you sure that the user you are running AEM as has read access to the files? Usually when you see errors like that it's on a Linux/Unix system and someone changed ownership of the files to another users. 

If you are running on windows then I don't know - it has to be be some sort of permissions issue however.


Level 10

Yep, its the same user who has created these files and its running on windows which is exactly the reason why I am wondering how to figure out whats is the issue and how to resolve this !


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Hi bsloki

Please could tell me - you solved this problem? I have the same problem but I had to reinstall everything again - but it was a bad outing for me



Are you deploying it on a server? If not, check if you have access to the felix console and all bundles are accessible. 

Not best but an ideal solution will be to backup launchpad and move it somewhere and restart AEM or unpack the jar file and then start the instance. 


Level 2


i was facing same problem after applying service pack in AEM 6.1

it is resolved:

1) Re-index repository -: Stop your AEM instance then rename/delete "index" folder present under "auhor\crx-quickstart\repository"

2) Restart AEM instance.

Hope this will help.





Level 4

Hello All,

Isn't it risky to rename/delete "index" folder ?