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AEM -6.5 Targeting Components are not displayed correctly when viewed in publish mode


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i do know someone did raise the concern but is this still an issue?



I get the error code status: "error", error: "unknown client code:  although i am able to connect to adobe target correctly.

i am using the Adobe IO IMS integration approach.

This does bring up source as "Adobe Target Classic" in Adobe Target.


I am just personalizing a page with a component and not using any fragments as of yet.

Kindly suggest.

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Just an update: I do notice this , in aem 6.5.3 as well



In AEM 6.5 an integration with Target via Adobe I/O + IMS does not allow to export an Experience Fragment.  It is a known limitation. We are expecting the fix in SP4


When exporting XF to a Target, you need to configure  AEM Externalizer at /system/console/configMgr/com.day.cq.commons.impl.ExternalizerImpl

Exported XF will reside on AEM Publish and it has to be accessible via a correct URL


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I will try this and update. I imagined that viewing as published on author should have served up the experience based on the request, does this absolutely need a publish instance?


Regarding fragments, i did happen to read this, thanks for the information. Will followup with more questions on a separate thread.


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Hey Berliant @berliant ,

I did publish the page, the activity and campaign/brands. 

I checked the externalizer and i am not sure i need changes since it is locally hosted, localhost:4502,4503

Tried audiences for chrome/firefox browsers.

On publish and author default experience is what gets rendered irrespective of browsers

On author:












On publish









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@berliant : Kindly let me know. I do have snapshots attached.


Two issues as i see for webpages and not experience fragments


1. The client code error in the console

2. The targeted components are not displaying data specific to the audience in author or publish