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AEM 6.4 : Replicate content to a different folder


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Hello All, I am looking to see if there is an option to publish the content from author to a different path in the receiving end.

Eg: Path in author:




This could be published to the received to the folders(in bold)

/content/dam/xyx/logo/logo.jpg --> /content/dam/public/xyx/logo/logo.jpg

/content/dam/xyx/image/img.jpg --> /content/dam/protected/xyx/image/img.jpg

My replication will  be a process step in a workflow. Is this doable?



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Check below link which has same question and solution

Replicating a CQ page to two different paths in CQ publisher

After replicating you can deactivate programmatically actual path if needed.


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You can use the AEM Replication API to build workflows. See this HELPX article:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Replicating Adobe Experience Manager Content using the Replication A...

If you look at the API call - you can define the path:

//Inject a ResourceResolver - make sure to whitelist the bundle

    Session session = wfsession.adaptTo(Session.class);

    ResourceResolver resourceResolver = resolverFactory.getResourceResolver(Collections.singletonMap("user.jcr.session", (Object) session)); 


    // Create leanest replication options for activation

    ReplicationOptions options = new ReplicationOptions();

    // Do not create new versions as this adds to overhead


    // Avoid sling job overhead by forcing synchronous. Note this will result in serial activation.


    // Do NOT suppress status update of resource (set replication properties accordingly)


    log.info("**** ABOUT TO REPLICATE" ) ; 

    //Rep the content      replicate(Session session, ReplicationActionType type, String path)


Hope this helps you!


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Hello Scott, Thanks for the reply.

I am aware of using Replication API in workflow and I have been using that. The problem that I am trying to solve is how to take the content from Author to a different path in Publisher.

So as mentioned in the link,Replicating a CQ page to two different paths in CQ publisher   is a custom Transport handler the only option for this.