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AEM 6.2 in Editor mode ContentWrapper height=3.35544e+07px;


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please help me.
In edit mode the ContentWrapper, OverlayWrapper and ContentFrame heights are setted to height value: 3.35544e + 07px;

I read here on the form that the problem would be solved by installing the SP2.
But it did not work, please urgent

Thank you


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Level 1

I am experiencing this issue. Have you been able to address this? Seems like any element i give "height: 100%" gets this infinite height on ContentWrapper


Level 1


We were recently upgrading our AEM from 5.6 to 6.4. After successful upgrade to 6.4, we also experienced #ContentWrapper infinite height issue. I have checked many blogs and post in community forms and it looked like people were using height: 100% in there custom css somewhere in their projects but that was not the case in our project.

By digging around i found a solution, hope it'll work for others as well,

In AEM editor mode, #ContentWrapper <div> gets dynamically injected from 'ContentFrame.js' file. You can located this file at /libs/cq/gui/components/authoring/editors/clientlibs/core/js/ContentFrame.js (this is the path in AEM 6.4 not sure about earlier versions). This file has a functions 'getDocumentHeight()' which returns maximum of "(doc.body.scrollHeight, doc.documentElement.scrollHeight, doc.body.offsetHeight, doc.documentElement.offsetHeight)" and causes page height in edit mode to go infinite. Change this function to return "Math.min()" instead of "Math.max()" to accurately calculate height of the pages in AEM edit mode.

DO NOT CHANGE anything in the original file located under '/libs' instead create an overlay '/apps/cq/gui/components/authoring/editors/clientlibs/core/js/ContentFrame.js' and make this change.

Hope this will resolve your issue

Thank You