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AEM 6.2:Changes making to group are not saving


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Hi All,

Recently we have moved from AEM 6.0 to AEM 6.2 and we have organised our users into different types of groups.After upgrading to AEM 6.2, all of these users are users are associating with not required groups.For example, in AEM 6.0 my user is part of administrator group but if I go see associating groups information is user admin console I see some more extra groups as well.These extra groups are Communities Administrators, Authors, Analytics Administrators, Contributors and everyone.I am trying to remove these unwanted groups but I am able to remove and save these changes but if I refresh and search the groups for this user still seeing groups back.

I would like to know, why my changes are persisting in the system even though if I have administrator privileges?

If anyone come across these issues please help me in this regard.



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Sounds like an upgrade issue. Do you have access to a standalone AEM instance. See if your changes work on a 6.2 Dev instance.


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Some of these groups are necessary and required to exist on author.

- JK


Community Advisor

The groups in AEM follow a hierarchical pattern. Example: administrators is also part of everyone.

Thus, if any use is part of administrators, he will also be part of everyone.


Please verify the group hierarchies in your system, that should provide clarity

Aanchal Sikka