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ganeshboggavara 15-10-2019


We are using Adobe Search & Promote to crawl our pages There is a search field on the  page component which is including the top Navigation links as well in the Search crawling and giving results that are not expected, We are handling the crawl entry point to noindex which ideally should not crawl the navigation links text, still we have the issue, Please let me know if there is a way to avoid the Top Navigation from the search scope



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

zoltáno81561644 24-11-2019


You can filter out some parts of a webpage if you insert a noindex to a DIV class, so Adobe is not indexing the content of that portion.

Menu item:  Settings - Filtering - Filtering script

Here you can insert a small Perl script that is run for each page you are crawling. What it does is to search-replace a DIV class and insert a noindex to the class.

undef $/;

my $doc = <>;

$doc =~ s{<div class="top-bar">}{<div class="top-bar noindex">}is;

print $doc;

The trick I read here:

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