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Adobe IO and Cloud Manager API | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Adobe IO and Cloud Manager API by Abiydv


Cloud Manager, part of the Adobe Managed Services, is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) framework that lets organisations deploy code to their AEM environments. This is only applicable for organisations which use Adobe Managed Services to host their AEM installations with Adobe.

The pipeline runs through a standard set of steps as shown below. Output of each step is available via an API through Adobe I/O, which is like a central place to manage all Adobe APIs.

The Problem
Short of creating an Adobe account, getting added to the AMS project and then keeping an eye on the notifications in the console - there is no other way of knowing what’s happening with a particular Cloud Manager pipeline, with out of the box solutions/integrations that Adobe provides.

We need to build something up if we want to send notifications to a larger group who don’t have or need to have a Adobe account.

The Solution
The Cloud Manager API enables us to interact with it in a fully programmatic fashion. This allows for integration of the Cloud Manager Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipeline with other systems. Using this we will setup a workflow such that every new step, pipeline execution will send out a notification on MS Teams and Email.

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Adobe IO and Cloud Manager API


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