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Adobe Experience Manager Load Testing with JMeter and BlazeMeter by Bounteous


Load testing your new Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) website is a crucial step. In fact, for Adobe Managed Services (AMS) customers it’s required before new sites can be released to the public. Adobe wants to make sure any custom code that was developed doesn’t have memory leaks or other negative effects which only become apparent under sustained load.

This short guide walks through some key aspects to consider as well as how to handle some special considerations around user-generated content and load testing content behind a login.

Note that I’m specifically covering the end-user facing site here and not load testing for the authoring environment. If you’re interested in that aspect, check out Adobe’s docs and white paper.

Before embarking on your load testing journey, make sure you have the following details covered:

The production content (or as close as you can get it) has been published to an environment that you can run tests against.

The environment you’re testing on has the latest code deployed to it and matches, as much as possible, the code that you want to go live with. That means this should include all your Dispatcher caching configs as well as any CDN setup. If you’re looking for some guidance and quick wins on performance improvements, check out my blog post on the topic.

If you’re testing in a non-Production environment, make sure the specs match what you’re going to have in Production later on. If you’re using AMS, this should already be the case.

Make sure the website you’re load testing is either available publicly or you’ve allowed the BlazeMeter IP addresses to access it.

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Adobe Experience Manager Load Testing with JMeter and BlazeMeter


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