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Adobe Dynamic Media: how do we see how much of our allowance is used?


Level 9

We use ADM to serve most of our AEM Sites images (as opposed to the DAM).  We pay for X Million images per month.


How do we see how much of our limit we have used? 


I asked this question to Adobe support via the admin console support ticketing system 3 weeks ago, and have been chasing them every week, but they have no clue.  We pay a very large amount to Adobe for premium support, and generally we dont any answer, we have to rely on this forum.



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Employee Advisor

Hi TB3dock,

On Adobe Dynamic Media Desktop, you have "Bandwidth & Storage" section :

1) Login to DM Desktop app

2) Click on Setup -> Application Setup (Top Right hand corner)

3) Under Administration Setup, you will see Bandwidth & Storage


That section shows reporting for Video, Images and Domain name.

Please share that ticket number, I will pass this feedback to support team.


Vikram Gaur


Level 9

Unfortunately, this only shows bandwidth in GBps.  event the "storage" tab, which we would espect to show how close we are to our 1TB image, only (and incorrectly) shows bandwidth (shows 2.2GBs under "disk used".


So we have no way to check our allowance or usage for number of images served and space used. We only see bandwidth, which is not mentioned in any of the cloud usage limits or allowances.