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Learn about Edge Delivery Services in upcoming GEM session

Adobe Developers Live, November 2023, Session | Discover how BambooHR leveraged Edge Delivery to empower developers and unleashed business value



Adobe Developer Live November 2023

Session Details

Key Value: Join us for an exhilarating session where Josh Wadsworth, Engineering Manager at BambooHR, shares their transformational journey with Edge Delivery. Be captivated by his firsthand experiences and the profound impact it had on BambooHR's developers and business practitioners. In this session, you will learn -> The reasons behind BambooHR's decision to embark on the Edge Delivery journey. -> The impact on site performance and what we have learned -> How Edge Delivery unlocked significant process efficiencies for authors -> The seamless onboarding process that empowered developers to embrace the new development experience

Session Recording

Session Schedule

6th November, 2023 | 10:45-11:15 PST OR 18:45-19:15 UTC OR 19:45-20:15 CET


Josh Wadsworth, Engineering Manager, BambooHR




Edge Delivery

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The session recording is embedded in this thread. You can watch it here now.

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