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Adobe Developers Live 2021, Session | Content & Commerce with AEM as a Cloud Service




Session Details

This session helps developers to get started with Commerce on AEM as a Cloud Service - from the local setup of AEM SDK + CIF to AEM & Magento in the cloud.

Experience League Session Recording 

Session Schedule

8-Feb, 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM PST


Markus Haack

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Please use this thread to ask the question related to this Session. Click here for the session slides.

Session FAQs

Q. plans to support b2b w/ Venia ootb? 

A. No plans for b2b support yet. But feel free to open a GitHub issue on https://github.com/adobe/aem-cif-guides-venia with your requirements. 

Q.What Commerce Engine adapters are available (outside of Magento) for CIF and which ones are needed but missing? 

A. We work with partners to build connectors to 3rd party. hybris / SAP Commerce connector is being developed by Diconium and should be available in a few weeks. See https://github.com/diconium/commerce-cif-graphql-integration-hybris 

Q. what is the way to extend CIF Cloud add-on administrative interface? Any roadmap to allow editing product attributes in Magento from AEM interface? 

A. We have currently no plans to support extending CIF authoring via customer code. However, editing of commerce properties in AEM is on the roadmap. Additionally, we will allow augmenting external product data inside of AEM with Content Fragments. There is no mutation available from Magento to update product attributes via GraphQL 

Q. From following the development of CCC and CIF it seems you are going into a direction where you focus heavily on commerce FE like Magento. I wonder why this is the case why not allowing an easy plugin in existing AEM components. There is currently no easy way to use the product CC and configure the product in the component itself but it has to be fetched from the selection 

A. The commerce session tomorrow will cover how you can customize the product core component to better suit your needs. You can also always request new features on GitHub: https://github.com/adobe/aem-core-cif-components 

Q.What about browsing custom product attributes in the product picker or admin interface? 

A.This is supported via the product console. We will make it more flexible for customers to define what attributes they want to see and allow customers to define their own set of attributes. 

Q. so is the cif connector more like a normalizer / middleware to talk to different stores like Magento, hybrid, etc? 

A. This is just one part of it, there is a lot more behind https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/commerce/overview.html?lang...

The CIF connector (for AEM) / CIF add-on (AEMaaCS) provide the authoring functionality. They use the Magento GraphQL API. If you use a different Commerce engine or require customization, you need a GraphQL integration layer. See also https://github.com/adobe/commerce-cif-graphql-integration-reference 

Q. How the AEM performs in this architecture in the checkout and payment side of the commerce implementation 

A. Checkout etc. is currently implemented using client-side components which use Magento GraphQL directly. AEM is not involved in this process. 

Q. any plans for closer integration between AEM Assets and Magento? What is the current suggested process to associate product images in AEM with products in Magento? 

A. This is a question for Magento. There are plans for the integration, and a project accelerator is in progress. But we don't have the details. 

Q.Whats the intention behind the development instead of using Magento page builder? What sparked the idea to develop this? 

A.Page builder is a page editor. AEM is a content management system. As customers gain digital maturity, they outgrow a regular page editor 

Q. Is there a plan to port over existing Magento stores to AEM? 

A. Not stores that are based on Luma. this is too Magento specific and typically customized a lot.  

Q. Does this need AEM activation to make a product live or can this be made live directly from Magento 

A. Both options are possible, depending on the project requirements. Default flow is to set products live in Magento, they will automatically show up on the AEM side. But we support stagged products as well to have a synced publish of content & commerce data. 

Don't forget to register yourself for this session using the registration link shared above. 

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