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Adobe Analytics introduces mobile app by Adobe Blog


There is a common problem that exists in all organizations; Whether it is a large global brand, a specialty retailer, or a government agency, teams are struggling to equip senior leaders with useful data. With limited analyst resources, ad hoc requests cannot be fulfilled in a timely fashion, and teams rely instead on static dashboards with outdated or incomplete data. The lack of actionable insights is more problematic than ever, as organizations deal with a rapidly changing environment that requires fast decision-making.

Adobe is introducing a mobile app for Adobe Analytics, to provide a new way for senior leaders to experience the product. Interactive insights, customized to individual needs, are accessible within just a few taps. Users are provided a real-time pulse on what is happening in their business, with an ability to self-service. For analysts, they curate a set of metrics one time and can significantly reduce the need for one-off requests. It is data democratization at its best.

From the analyst perspective
Across a leadership organization, senior leaders have distinct needs; The data that a CMO requires, can be very different from insights that support the VP of commerce. The nuances make customization an important factor for the analyst team.

From the user perspective
Users of the mobile app can drill into any of the metrics contained within each “scorecard” and understand the context behind the numbers. The charts and graphs that the analyst team pulls together are interactive and can be closely inspected, with simple configurations allowing users to see how trends fared over specific periods of time. If there is a spike in traffic for instance, or strong ROI for a particular marketing campaign, users can more easily get a sense of the overall story and contributing factors.

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Adobe Analytics introduces mobile app


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