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A Simple Example of Sling Pipes in AEM by Anurag Chaudhary


With Sling Pipes it's very easy to update the AEM content. It is a tool for executing CURD operations over resources in AEM repository. Hope this will be helpful.

Plumber is OSGi service and it has newPipe method in which we need to pass resourceResolver. After that we can call several pipes or methods to achieve our objective. Some of them are-

echo(path) - to retrieve the root resource of the path.

write(config) - to write/update properties of a resource.

run() - to execute the code.

Use case: To update property of a node using Sling Pipe OSGi service.

Dependencies required-

1. Sling Query (org.apache.sling.query-4.0.0)-

Maven Repository: org.apache.sling » org.apache.sling.query » 4.0.0 (mvnrepository.com)

2, Sling Pipes (org.apache.sling.pipes-3.1.0)-

Maven Repository: org.apache.sling » org.apache.sling.pipes » 3.1.0 (mvnrepository.com)

Either install the bundle of respective dependency in console or add them in the project's pom.xml

System user -

1. Create a system user from http://localhost:4502/crx/explorer/index.jsp

2. Add the configuration in Apache sling Service User Mapper Service Amendment

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A Simple Example of Sling Pipes in AEM


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