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windows app problems


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Hello friends

I´m testing my application for WINDOWS operational system.

We are lookin for some information about it. We appreciatte any help.

1. Embedded fonts - works fine on Android and IOS; The Windows version looks like there is no embedded font, and all my cards appears with a default Windows font.

There is something I can do to force a embedded font in Windows app?

2. Webcontents - do not accept user interaction. The webcontent open the HTML content, but there is no mouse interaction. It's a static content.

Thanks for any help.

Great job.


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1 - Using fonts in Windows apps / Windows enforces font usage rules that are included in the fonts by the foundry. If the font isn’t marked as “installable” by the foundry, the Windows OS will refuse to load them. You can check to see whether the font is marked “Installable” by right-clicking it and viewing the properties. For best results, include a web version of the font (.woff) for Windows apps.

(See Create cards and layouts in AEM Mobile apps)

2 - Wait for other replies but the Web Viewer is still in Beta, we only just added 'Additional overlay support. Audio and image sequence overlays are now supported in Desktop Web Viewer.'