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Webstore Entitlement Integration (Desktop)


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Hey there!

The publisher where I worked for some years called me back for a new collaboration.

They want start to work with new DPS and ask me to develop entitlement integration in his actual very small webstore!

They use a easy solution called Shopify to sell (for now) print 2 subscription (and some special monographs).

I study all day to understand better how to do a good job but:

1) I do not understand what meaning can have the entitlements without a real desktop webstore for a publisher? I think this is the core of every project before mobile distribution!

2) How can i integrate entitlement in a webstore? Are the an Adobe solution to do it?

Sorry the documentation do not help and here (Digital Publishing Suite | Adobe Developer Connection) all articles are old and not updated...

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Please see Build a desktop WEBSTORE to sell with entitlement

A question is open: if you do not have a desktop webstore what is the real benefit of entitlement for a publisher?

Sure with entitlement you have anyway the cost of hosting (php+mysql hosting and perhaps a https certificate).