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I took the DPS trial offer, it has now expired so I see the Unauthorized Access - you don't have permission etc. message. I have tried so many times to contact Adobe by various means - no reply - no surprise!!! I am an Adobe Certified DPS Instructor, I need to show/train perspective clients in what is happing in the Adobe DPS world - I can't, but what I can say to them is there is some fantastic alternatives out there, Twixl, Aquafadas, In5, Mag+ etc. These people will talk to you, they will be transparent about everything including costs. I accept that DPS 2015 is only appropriate price-wise for a certain segment of the market and Adobe apparently now have no interest in the other market segments but come on Adobe - talk to us, and let us at least be able to freely trial/test/train your product.

In the words of Pink Floyd "Is there anybody out there?"

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Peter,

Can you contact me at ktukker (a) adobe.com? Please provide the information that you used to sign-up for the 30-day trial.

The 30-day trial is available to freely test the product. On request, the trial can be extended to 60 or 90 days on request to allow for more evaluation time.

With kind regards,

Klaasjan Tukker


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