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Is there a way to control the order of search results?

We have multiple articles with the same primary word in the title that are to be read in order. When the user searches for that primary word, the articles show up in a seemingly random order. We would like to ensure that the intended first article is surfaced when the primary word is searched.



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As of now the current AEM Mobile search does not allow customization of search results like order, priority etc.

AEM Mobile search includes all the public-facing metadata properties that have text fields, such as Article Title, Author, Abstract, and Department. It doesn't cover internal properties such as Article Name or Internal Keywords, nor does it cover selection items such as Metered (for Article Access) or High (for Article Importance).

If any metadata field includes the search string, the article appears in the list of search results. Search does not support search of HTML article content.

Found a link on AEM Search capabilities