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Preflight app has suddenly stopped working


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Does anyone have any experience of a preflight version of an app suddenly stopping working on iOS - by which I mean, crashing immediately during its loading screen when you try to open it?

I have a published app (which is working fine) and a preflight app accompanying it which we use to preview content across various devices before pushing it live. Until last week this was working well, with no problems. I've made no changes to the app build itself, though naturally enough we have added new content in the meantime (though that has not caused problems on the live app build).

I have tried updating the iOS and restarting several times, and I've hit the delete content option in settings to shift anything buggy that might be causing problems. Nothing doing. If anyone has been through anything similar and can offer any words of wisdom I would be very grateful.

Should add this is not isolated to one device - we have various testing devices all using the Preflight and Live versions and are experiencing exactly the same problems on mobiles and tablets.

Thanks in advance

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This might be a temporary issue. We are not facing any such issue with latest pre flight app.