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Now in prerelease: Convert PDFs to DPS articles using Acrobat



We’re pleased to announce the prerelease of an Acrobat plugin that converts PDFs to DPS 2015 articles.

You can read about the Adobe DPS Converter for Acrobat in the DPS blog and request an invitation to the prerelease by emailing dps-acrobat-converter-feedback@adobe.com.

This provides value for organizations that have existing PDFs on network drives or services like SharePoint, that would be useful in your DPS app. Or perhaps your team is more comfortable authoring content in software like Word than InDesign. Or maybe you take advantage of Acrobat’s incredible editing abilities, which allows you to modify a PDF for which you don’t have the source document.

Since virtually any document can be converted into a PDF, the types of content you can now publish into a DPS app is limitless. We look forward to your feedback!

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I have a question regarding the DPS Converter for Acrobat. Our app is an iPad only app that is horizontal only. When I link to the new article PDF (vs the previous HTMLResources PDF), the new PDF does not fill the screen as it previously did. It shows up vertically on the horizontal screen, making it impossible to read. Is there a way to get it to fill the screen once more?