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How to develop app using AEM mobile


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Hi Community,

We need to create mobile app using AEM 6.2 and AEM mobile. We have AEM mobile access as partner portal. We had followed some video tutorial that are available and able to create one app using predefined . article files. we have created some articles using OOTB template and components but still we are not able to proceed. Please help me for below queries.

  1. Like AEM desktop project, Do we have any archtype for AEM Mobile APP ? if not , how can I kick off my project to develop AEM mobile app.
  2. Angular, cordovan plugin, phonegap or some specific framework knowledge is must to develop app or we can develop app using plain HTML and java also like in desktop site?
  3. We want to develop two screens one Login screen and other is welcome page.On successful submission user will navigate to welcome page otherwise to be  on login screen.
  4. Can we test point 3 functionality in AEM preflight or we need to build the project?

Any pointers will be helpful. Please share some git hub dummy project with me also if available.

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Hi Anoop,

Are you able to solve above use cases, if you are can you please provide some pointers regarding setting up project set up for AEM mobile app and kick starting app development.